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Natural Pond Management is not difficult nor is it more expensive than conventional chemical treatments. Most chemical treatments treat a symptom opposed to going directly to the root of the problem. At Inspired By Nature, we have discovered over many years that all ponds are similar yet unique as well. There are numerous variables that can contribute to many pond woes. What may have adverse effects on one pond may only cause a minimal effect on the neighbors pond only a few hundred feet away. Our ponds are much like us, very similar in design but affected differently by various stimulus. 

Our philosophy on pond management really comes down to one thing - nutrients. The more nutrients you have available for plant and algae growth the more out of control your pond becomes. Aesthetically, we'd all like a nice pristine, algae free pond with clear water. (You need to recall you are dealing with a NATURAL ecosystem that ebbs and flows with its surroundings, reacts to weather, addition of chemicals and being out of balance.) You can achieve a balanced pond that is quite stunning and desirable using our philosophies. 

Chemicals may get rid of nuisance plants from your line of sight but what happens to that dead debris? It simply goes to the bottom and rots up to become new nutrients for more plants and algae - exactly what you don't want to see in your pond. All that muck at the bottom of your pond is comprised of dead and decaying debris. Without the use of proper bottom aeration, a good blend of microbes and debris removal, that muck sits and adds layer after layer that accumulates and eventually fills in your pond. Not to mention the nutrients that are released in the water that can become more food for plant material - however, if you redirect those nutrients up the animal side of the food chain you'll decrease the available nutrients for plants and algae. 

Natural Pond Management is what we do every day and we pride ourselves on helping thousands of customers over the years. Many of our customers have been with us since we began and we do our best to keep them happy and continue to research and develop products that are natural, safe and affordable.





All Tilapia are NOT Equal

IBN sells ONLY Pure Blue Tilapia NOT hybrid Tilapia. When you buy Blue Tilapia from IBN you get:

  • 6" plus fish that are Brood Stock - ready to reproduce
  • Blue Tilapia live longer 
  • Begin eating plant material right away

Why Stocking "Tilapia" is not the same

  • Smaller Sized Fish are not ready to reproduce
  • Stocked Later in Season
  • Die Earlier in Season


By stocking smaller Tilapia you will NOT have the same amount of overall consumption! Don't fall into the trap of buying smaller fish. 


Key to Natural Pond Management

Nutrients are key in natural pond management. Our management techniques identify nutrient problems, develop means of reducing nutrient input, and provide long term control of residual nutrients. In doing so, we are taking the excessive nutrients responsible for nuisance plant growth and converting them into more manageable plant and animal growth.  Using an array of tools such as Beneficial Microbes and Bottom Aeration, Inspired By Nature, Inc. provides safe, low maintenance, and affordable solutions for your pond or lake.

To inquire or order any of our products or services please contact us at 419-669-4084


In 2010, we introduced Blue Tilapia as a tool to help manage ponds naturally. Since that time we have seen incredible results! Tilapia are NOT a magic bullet but when used at proper stocking rates they can be a very effective. Tilapia alone are not going to solve all of your pond troubles! Read more about Tilapia here

Schooner Farms

Sustainable, Non-Conventional Farming, inspired by nature! In 2009 we added another segment ot our business - Schooner Farms. Visit us at

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